Who is Indie Chick?

Hi, I’m the Indie Chick. And I’m a travel addict.
Wanderlust has been my drug of choice for over ten years now and I have no intention of quitting.

Why the name “Indie”, do you ask?

Well, first let me let you in on a little secret by shattering the number one travel myth and reason why most people don’t travel.

MYTH: Traveling is expensive and I need a lot of money.

FACT: No, it isn’t and no, you really don’t.

Let me start off by saying, I’m no different than anyone reading this who wants to travel. I”m just a regular person caught up in wanderlust with a penchant for living out of a suitcase and a desire to see the world. I knew back when I first got hooked on traveling that funding a travel habit would take some money to keep it going.

And being the penny-pincher that I am, I needed to find a way to stretch my travel dollars so that I could travel more while spending less.

I’ve learned to do this through independent travel. Meaning, I rely solely upon myself from planning, to budgeting to execution of my trips. For example, on the transportation front, I save lots of money by not renting cars or taking private transfers. Instead, I use either my feet, the kindness of locals or whatever country I’m visiting’s public transportation systems as a way to get around.

However, while I am an independent traveler, I do not sleep in dorms and I don’t carry a backpack. But I do share the backpacker mentality of saving a buck wherever I can and that is the law that I practice.

So, you see, my travel style is a bit mixed.  The point is, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort because of your budget.

My Life as a Solo Female Traveler
Part of this site is used as a platform to share the highs and lows of my life as a solo female traveler through the many funny, endearing and downright strange experiences I’ve had as such.

You’ll find stories of amazing places I’ve been to and interesting people I’ve met throughout my travels.

I’ll also let you in on what it’s really like to be a solo female traveler and to have to deal with some of the challenges that come along with that title.

Part of what I mean by challenges I typically call menscapades, or adventures in dating and/or staving off advances from foreign men who think you’re easy because you’re alone, are not married or a foreigner in their country. And since traveling is not always glamorous or pretty, you’ll also find funny stories of unexpected travel shituations that I’ve gotten into along the way.

Whether it’s lip hickeys in Istanbul, a double eye infection on the island of Crete, inadvertently stumbling upon a transvestite whorehouse in Sicily or falling victim to a hotel giving my passport to another girl on the day I was supposed to fly, my travel life has hardly had a dull moment

It’s not always easy being on the road by yourself, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Travel deeper… stay a little longer.
That’s my travel philosophy.

When I travel, I like to stay in places a little longer than one or two days, in order to absorb more of the environment, culture and make connections with local people. I call this “traveling deeper”, or experiencing the soul of a place, rather than just seeing the sights and saying that I’ve “done” a city/place/country.

Traveling independently the way I do has allowed me to stretch my trips out longer and in doing so, have the opportunity to travel deeper and gain experiences of what it’s really like to be a local.

It’s also afforded me the chance to discover many off the beaten track places and hidden gems off of the typical tourist trail. (all accessible by public transport, of course)

… and I’ll be sharing them all with you.

Through my destination stories, insight, tips and tricks, I hope to inspire you to plan your own independent adventures. After all, I’m going to show you how easy it is to stretch your travel dollars to get more out of your travel while spending less, so you can do it, too!

Thank you for reading, now let’s go Indie!


Indie Chick