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solo female travel packing tips

15 Things Every Indie Chick Should Pack in Her Arsenal

Ah, packing… one of my least favorite things to do when it comes to traveling! With my next trip a few short weeks away, there is no better time than now to write a post about this seemingly daunting task. Even though I’ve been an SFT on and off for 10+ years, for me, packing still brings on a slight…

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solo female travel safety tips

12 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

As a solo female traveler, staying safe on the road is my number one priority. I know that for some the thought of traveling on your own can seem a little scary and intimidating. But in the end this anxiety or fear is due to the unknown. Know what quells that kind of fear? Preparation and information. It’s important to…

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Turkish Flag

Six Tips for Solo Female Travel in Turkey

I remember planning my first ever solo trip to Turkey and my friends’ reactions when I told them I was going there on my own for a few months: “Oh my God! Why Turkey?” “Isn’t it dangerous?” “Don’t they put drugs in your bag there?” “You’re going to a Muslim country alone? Are you crazy?” I couldn’t believe how much…

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