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4 Greek Islands You Can Visit from Turkey

Along Turkey’s south and west coasts there are a few Greek islands in close proximity, allowing you to visit two countries in one trip. Everyone knows Santorini and Mykonos but have you heard of Kos, Lesvos, Chios or Samos? These four can be visited as a day trip from Turkey and vice versa – Turkey can be visited from these Greek…

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Turkish Flag

Six Tips for Solo Female Travel in Turkey

I remember planning my first ever solo trip to Turkey and my friends’ reactions when I told them I was going there on my own for a few months: “Oh my God! Why Turkey?” “Isn’t it dangerous?” “Don’t they put drugs in your bag there?” “You’re going to a Muslim country alone? Are you crazy?” I couldn’t believe how much…

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How to ride the dolmuş (from start to finish)

A dolmuş (pronounced dole-mush), or minibus, is the best form of public transportation for getting around from town to town in Turkey. The word dolmuş means “stuffed” and gives you an idea of how crowded they can sometimes get. From early morning until the evening, they plow the same set route back and forth, making them the ideal transportation option…

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Daytrips from Selcuk

4 Day trips from Selçuk by dolmuş

When it comes to planning my travel itinerary, having a variety of experiences is on top of my list. I can only take so many days at the beach before I need to do something cultural. Just as I can only be in the city so long before I need some slow paced village time. And vice versa. That’s why…

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Kamil Koc Bus

Selçuk Public Transportation Options

Now that you’ve gotten some good ideas on how to spend a few days here in Selçuk, it’s time for me to give you the options for getting out. INTERCITY BUS (FOR ONWARD TRAVEL) Since Selçuk is a major tourist hub and a popular stop on the backpacker trail, it’s easy to get to major places such as Istanbul, Pamukkale, Bodrum,…

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Ephesus and Beyond

7 reasons why you should stay longer in Selçuk

Selçuk (pronounced ‘sell-chook’) is a small farming town located in southwestern Turkey, whose claim to fame are the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus, located 3km from the town. That’s all most people know about it and is the main reason that the town is a popular stop on the traveler’s trail. Most travelers stop here for an overnight,…

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Love Street, Selcuk, Turkey

G-strings, gypsy pants & good times in Selçuk

When I stepped off the bus in Selçuk, my friend was already there waiting for me. I’d met him a year earlier, the first time I came to Turkey, and we’ve kept in touch ever since. He recently opened up his own guesthouse and that’s where I’ll be staying for a few weeks. On the walk there we made small…

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My nine-hour bus ride with Turkish Tourette’s guy

It was my first long-haul bus ride in Turkey, traveling from Antalya in the south to Selçuk on the west side of the country. Eight hours didn’t seem too bad when I originally planned my itinerary. No problem, I’ll just take a nap for a few hours and when I wake up, I’ll be in Selçuk. No sweat! Right? Well,…

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Ancient Sites Around Antalya

Side, Aspendos, Kekova, Myra and Perge
– A daytrip from Antalya

Turkey’s Antalya province, known in antiquity as the region of Pamphylia, is a treasure trove of archaeological sites from Greco-Roman and Lycian times. Pamphylia, which means “land of the tribes,” was sandwiched between the ancient regions of Lycia and Cilicia, causing the area today to be rich in discoveries left by the different civilizations who have left their mark on…

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Hello! Where you from?

Hello! Where you from?

These four words were originally met by a cringe from me my first few days in Turkey and I’d usually end up ignoring them. But once I changed my approach and learned to engage instead of ignore I found that when I stopped, opened up and reciprocated conversation with the person who spoke them (be it a so-called tout, shop owner…

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Antalya, Turkey

7 Reasons Why I Love Antalya, Turkey

Located on Turkey’s southwest coast is the country’s fifth largest city and one of my absolute favorite places to visit, Antalya. Why’s it so special, you ask? Gorgeous (free) beaches, one of the most amazing archaeological museums in Turkey, city shopping, a weekly pazar (market) and the artsy, quaint and characteristic old city of Kaleçi are just a few things that make…

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Farewell, Istanbul & Mr. Blue Eyed Boy

I had no intention of seeing Mr. Blue Eyed boy yesterday, so I stayed as far away as possible from the neighborhood he would be in.  I spent some time reviewing in my mind everything that happened and I kind of feel a bit uncomfortable with how everything went down. The lip hickeys have faded for the most part (thank God!)…

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