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15 Things Every Indie Chick Should Pack in Her Arsenal

Ah, packing… one of my least favorite things to do when it comes to traveling! With my next trip a few short weeks away, there is no better time than now to write a post about this seemingly daunting task. Even though I’ve been an SFT on and off for 10+ years, for me, packing still brings on a slight bout of anxiety! I mean, when you’re packing to be away for months at a time, you really have to sit down and take stock of what you’re going to need at any given time, that you may not find somewhere else. What helped me get organized was putting together this list of my Top 15 essential items, making these the #1 priority to set aside first in my project: packing.

These are items that I always take with me and recommend every Indie Chick pack in her arsenal for her next adventure.

And so… here’s my round up!

The top 15 essential items that every Indie Chick should pack in her arsenal


1. A smart and durable cross body purse like this Lewis N. Clark Secura Anti-theft Cross Body Bag. It makes me feel more comfortable in big cities as it has anti-theft protections built in like an anti-slash shoulder strap and RFID protection in the credit card slots. (It’s also got a cool, stylish look and comes in army green, my favorite color. 🙂 )

2. A Roll of Masking Tape – Great  for sealing leaky balcony doors/windows in your room (which keep the crawlies and cold air out) and used to make a makeshift window screen in conjunction with your mosquito net (see below). Also comes in handy when you’re moving from place to place – use the tape to seal up bottles that may otherwise leak in your bag.


3. Key Card Travel Locks – I keep my belongings secure with these Key Card Locks because they cannot be opened unless you have the credit card type key. (and they are TSA approved)

4. A Door Stopper – Feel more secure at night by sleeping with one under your door, keeping would-be perverts from trying to enter your room.


5. A Sink Stopper – I’ve been many places where sink bugs are a problem. These tiny gnat-looking bugs crawl up through drains of sinks (and sometimes showers), hang out on your stuff during the night and then die. My firsthand experience with this was forgetting to cover my sink drain one evening, then going into the bathroom to brush my teeth the next morning and seeing what looked like a bug explosion all over the sink – they were in my toothbrush, on my contact lens case, just everywhere. I was soooo grossed out! To prevent this from happening to you and your stuff, pack a sink stopper and plug your bathroom sink in the evenings. (You can also use this when you handwash your clothes.)


6. A Luggage Lock Security Cable – This comes in handy when you’re check out time is early and you have to leave your luggage at a hostel/hotel – use this luggage lock cable along with your credit card locks to hold your luggage together so it stays together. Also good to use in dorms to lock your stuff to the bed so no one walks away with it.

7. A Decorative scarf or bandanna – Has multi-functional uses as a headwrap, fashion accessory on the fly (loop around your wrist or ankle to use as a makeshift bracelet), neck warmer or mini towel


8. Your Own Pillowcase – in case one is not supplied to you or if the one that is looks suspect


9. The right Electricity Adapters/Chargers for the country(ies) you are visiting– use this guide by REI to find out what kind you need


10. Mosquito netting – l hate mozzies to the Nth degree. But they seem to love me! And unfortunately many countries do not use screens on their windows. That’s where my trusty Mosquito Netting comes into play. Along with my roll of masking tape, I create a makeshift window screen so I can get fresh air at night (or during the day) and not have to worry about any pesky buggers getting into my room.


11. An indoor/outdoor Travel Clothesline is paramount when you are sink washing. There is nothing worse than wearing damp clothes, which could cause health issues, so I never travel without mine! I tie it to balconies or window ledges, or if there is no outdoor space, hanging it in the bathroom works as well.

12. A small Sewing kit – I’m no Martha Stewart, but there have been times where I’ve had to emergency sew things like holes in my backpack or fix the wear and tear on my clothes. Like the time I was hiking and my favorite pair of travel pants split down the back (man was I thankful I had my hoodie to tie around my backside until I got back to my room!) So even if you don’t know how to sew, it’s handy to have one just in case you have to learn real quick!


13. Packs of Tissues – Many public bathrooms around the world do not have toilet paper. You never know when you’ll have to go so it’s always good to carry an ample supply with you.


14. Safety Whistle – Feel safe that you have some backup if you get in a sticky situation. Use to halt unwanted attention and scaring away stray dogs and other “animals”.


15. A Bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap  – I love this stuff! Castile soap can be used for so many different things that it’s really an indispensable thing to have with you in your travels! Use this as a shampoo, face wash, body wash, laundry detergent, shave lotion and dish washing detergent. This alleviates having to pack all of these items in their big, bulky bottles separately, leaving you more space (and less weight) in your luggage or backpack. There are 11 scents to choose from, but I prefer the lavender one, as I feel it’s the most well-rounded scent for all of the soap’s uses. It’s also certified organic and 100% vegan, made of totally natural ingredients!

I’m always on the lookout for new, handy travel items. Have a special “must pack” item that you couldn’t travel without? Let me know in the comments below!


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  • Geege August 24, 2017 at 10:04 am

    Hey Indie! Really good tips! I never knew that these things are really useful. I usually take #3, #9 and #13 with me.

  • Indie Chick Travels August 24, 2017 at 10:44 am

    Thank you, Geege! Great choices! Tissues are a MUST if you’re an SFT! (lol) It’s funny because some of these things sound so simple but I’ve learned over the years that they do come in handy, and now I don’t travel without them! Like a roll of masking tape has so many great uses – especially if you need to “MacGyver” stuff! Like for instance, I once made a much needed garbage can out of a cardboard box and masking tape! lol It’s also handy for taping around products that may leak in your bag) So it may sound weird, to pack something like that but … it works wonders when you need to get creative in your problem solving lol :))


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