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Njeguši Montenegro

Njeguši village, Montenegro – Smoked Ham & the Axe Man

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High up in the mountains above Kotor, Montenegro, lies the village of Njeguši (neh-joo-see). The village is famous for it’s smoked ham called “Njeguški pršut”(like proscuitto) and local cheese called “Njeguški sir”. They’ve even laid out a “Ham Trail” if that’s your thing!   The village is a stop for every tourist on mostly any tour around the country. I was…

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My nine-hour bus ride with Turkish Tourette’s guy

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It was my first long-haul bus ride in Turkey, traveling from Antalya in the south to Selçuk on the west side of the country. Eight hours didn’t seem too bad when I originally planned my itinerary. No problem, I’ll just take a nap for a few hours and when I wake up, I’ll be in Selçuk. No sweat! Right? Well,…

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