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Albania Furgon Ride

The Albania Furgon Experience

My first furgon ride in Albania was a trip! A furgon is a minibus, similar to a Turkish dolmuş, the latter of which means “stuffed”. Furgon should mean “packed to the gills” because that’s exactly how they roll.     I was taking the furgon from Berat to Gjirokastra, about a three hour ride. Furgons don’t always leave until the…

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How to ride the dolmuş (from start to finish)

A dolmuş (pronounced dole-mush), or minibus, is the best form of public transportation for getting around from town to town in Turkey. The word dolmuş means “stuffed” and gives you an idea of how crowded they can sometimes get. From early morning until the evening, they plow the same set route back and forth, making them the ideal transportation option…

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Daytrips from Selcuk

4 Day trips from Selçuk by dolmuş

When it comes to planning my travel itinerary, having a variety of experiences is on top of my list. I can only take so many days at the beach before I need to do something cultural. Just as I can only be in the city so long before I need some slow paced village time. And vice versa. That’s why…

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Kamil Koc Bus

Selçuk Public Transportation Options

Now that you’ve gotten some good ideas on how to spend a few days here in Selçuk, it’s time for me to give you the options for getting out. INTERCITY BUS (FOR ONWARD TRAVEL) Since Selçuk is a major tourist hub and a popular stop on the backpacker trail, it’s easy to get to major places such as Istanbul, Pamukkale, Bodrum,…

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