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Love Street, Selcuk, Turkey

G-strings, gypsy pants & good times in Selçuk

When I stepped off the bus in Selçuk, my friend was already there waiting for me. I’d met him a year earlier, the first time I came to Turkey, and we’ve kept in touch ever since. He recently opened up his own guesthouse and that’s where I’ll be staying for a few weeks. On the walk there we made small…

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Farewell, Istanbul & Mr. Blue Eyed Boy

I had no intention of seeing Mr. Blue Eyed boy yesterday, so I stayed as far away as possible from the neighborhood he would be in.  I spent some time reviewing in my mind everything that happened and I kind of feel a bit uncomfortable with how everything went down. The lip hickeys have faded for the most part (thank God!)…

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Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair

On my walk back to the guesthouse, every time the wind blew I smelled him on me. In my hair, on my clothes, on my face. UGH. I smelled like I showered in man sweat. I made it back around eight in the morning. The guesthouse owners were sitting in the reception area and looked up as I walked in.  I felt…

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Foreign Tongues + Smelly Sheets = The Worst Make Out Session EVER

When we met back up Mr. Blue Eyed Boy informed me that he had to run an errand for work and wouldn’t be able to go to the show. “But it’s ok, you can go and I will meet you after and we’ll go eat something.” I was a little disappointed but I wasn’t going to miss seeing the dervishes for…

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The Blue-Eyed Boy from Konya

This morning I had to book an airport transfer for my onward flight to Izmir. Sitting behind a desk wearing an overcoat and a sour, disinterested look on his face was a handsome, young gentleman with the most captivating blue eyes I’d ever seen. “Hi, I need a transfer to the airport,” I said, in very slow English as this was pertinent…

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